My perfect appartement

I don't know why, but at the moment I think a lot about my future dream appartement. Why is it not a house? Because I love to live in the city, Tokyo or Berlin.
I hope, my dream appartement has a sleeping room, a living room and my biggest wish: one small room for my masses of clothes.
Every room should have a motto:

Bed room - Gothic
Living Room - SteamPunk/Vintage
Kitchen - Pirate Style
Bathroom - Pin up
Room for my clothes - well.... it should be full of clothes, so no motto

My Bedroom should have dark walls like black and one maybe in a deep blood red. The floor should be made of dark wood, so it has a really goth athmosphere. I want to have a canoby bed and decorate it with black and red net lace and roses (corny I know, but I like it).

For the bed covers I got the idea to ask Jia to make some of my most beloved Lolita Prints which would look good on a bed. In fact it wasn't my idea, a girl posted that on Jia's wall, but I'm completely in love with that idea.

I thought of: AatP Misummer Night Dream, MMM Iron Gate or AatP Stained Glass Angel

Small pillows with the MMM Holy Queen Print would be awesome, too.

to be continued....


Never trust Japanese Hairstyle, it's Prisila anyway XDDD

Yes, I will never trust them again. I was so envious in the past beacuse of their full and great hair. Stupid me. How could I believe it has anything to do with NATURAL HAIR. I expected that they have a lot of extensions, but Geeez they have even better stuff.
For me as a (stupid) foreigner I just knew words like Extensions and Wig. I heard from Prisila, that they have "Half-Wigs" and "Bangs" and saw it one time on a head of a friend. But even there it fitted to her natural haircolour (black), so it was for me also some kind of extension.

Well well... so I saw the Prisila Store at Marui ONE very often but had no idea, what I want. Yesterday was the first day I was brave enough to take a closer look. FATAL!
Because at the 1.10. will be a Elektro Party at Decadance Bar, but I'm unsure how far goes the dresscode and what it's under-dressed or just toooo much (if it's even possible at Decadance XD), I decided to try out some kind of Gyaru. Also I crept around the Queen Bee Pumps with discount for the half price the last four or five times and finally bought them yesterday:
and Shop Pic ( do you also want to have the link? Because I could buy them for you ^.~ Link)
Aren't they cute? *3*

Well but the important part: Prisila.
At that day I walked three times in the Prisila corner, unsure what I want to have, do I want to buy anything at all? Which colour would be the best choice? I tried the bangs to see which colour looks good, but it was hard to decide. Nothing was acceptable for that price... or great enough. The nice lady at the shop recognized how unsure I am and at the third time (when I asked for a full-wig, because all part wigs didn't match my haircolour) she asked me kindly whether I want to try it on. SURE THING!
I tried one with brown hair and a longer bang and it looked like every cheap ebay wig. I was not satisfied and the long bang pricked my eyes <.<
So she brought me one with a shorter bang and lighter haircolour. I also combined it with that poofy Hime Half Wig thing. Also because I noticed a lack of hair between my temple and the wig, I put on that bang thing, too.
The result you can see here:
This is the Half Wig in colour TMGX from Prisila and I had that Wig under it (I think). The bangs are here.

Because the set was a little bit tooo expensive for me (18.000yen). She tried to find a cheaper solution.
W tried only the half wig and the bangs:

Yeah. I like it, but when you see it from the left or right side... there was a lack of hair (sadly no photo). But my super shop lady wouldn't be my super shop lady, if she doesn't have also a solution for this problem. Take a robe wig and put it between... et voilà
 I like it. It"s a set for 10.000 now, but the nicest thing is, you can combine it, however you want. Maybe I will buy the full wig sometimes, too, or some ponytails to add on that construction.

At least I'm happy with my choice and just need a little more practise to put it on my head by my own so perfect like the shop lady did. So the next Party can come... but for the Zoo Decadance Party I need some nice Cat Ears. So my next mission untill next week-end is: find big black fluffy cat ears. Shouldn't be that tough in Tokyo, should it?

Last but not least: The super Hime Version XDDD

Chuuuchuuuu ^^~ and thank you for all the comments on Facebook. It was a great help <3


Honey Color Review Part 1

I've got my Honey Color Package today. It was really fast. I've ordered on Saturday and got it on Thursday. Also I had the track code, so I could see, when it arrives. Very good. ^^

The one is for the lenses and the other for the 'presents'.

There were as much pink white cases as I've ordered lenses so in total they were six ones.
So I will review every day one pair. ^^ One reason is, that I'm not used to put them into my eyes, so it ends fristrating very often (or I sream a lot ^^;) and second one is, I can't switch them while wearing make up...

So today I tried the XXL black ones

So there they are:

Eurpeans have to take care, that the natural eye colour is still be seen. So it looks a little bit unnatural, when the pupil is small (because of much light or what so ever), but because I already expected that, I'm not dissapointed.

The wearing feels good, but please take care: because of the XXL size it's harder to put them into the eye. I was going to go mad by doing this, but I don't have much skills anyway. ^^;

For the other ones: stay tuned...


Are you goining to party with me, Spongebob?

After laying sick in bed for 5 daies, i just want to got out and see some other 'people' than my new television. I played through Kingdom Hearts 2 and started Final Fantasy 12 already (what an amazing game **).
Why I blog this shit? Because I tried Gyaru again... and I have ordered my first cicrle lenses from Honey Colour today. I'm so looking forward to it**

I know the hair styling is very un-Gyaru but at least I like it ^^~


some advertisment?

Yesterday I got a bithday package from my grandmy and she gave me the Creme Conditioner I wanted since she gave me it as a present the first time a year ago. Sadly I forgot it in Japan ,ö.ö, so now I have it again: The Avodaco-Lemon Creame Conditioner from NeoBio Natural Cosmetics.

Why I honour this via my blog? As the most friends of mine know, I bleach my hair very often to stay blond. So my hair needs special attention. I tried Pantene Pro-V, Loreal and Nivea, but this one let my hair feel like it was never bleached before... and I love the smell, it reminds me of Japan XDD

So enough for now, but maybe someone, who is looking for new hair stuff, is happy about this...

PS: from my other grandma I got the daily skin creme from Claire Fischer XDDD


sometimes I need a new Haircolour

Yes, I feel bored, that's why I tried some kind of new make up... for no reason XDDD
Well and I tried Gyaru the first time, but i decided against fake lashes ^^; ( i really hate to put them on) and still don't have big lenses... well when I have money again, I'm going to order some. ** step by step right?
But one thing was really shocking for me: I wear PINK!!!! The Black Cat Shirt is normaly my sleep-shirt XDDD


Test Shooting Today

Me and a friend from the same studies as i do had a practicing shooting today. It was real fun, but we have still a long way to go for me as his model and for him as photographer.
I have still problems with flashlights and keeping my eyes open. <.< Therefor I ieased my hair and made some light curles in it with the flatiron. (yes I look a little bit dumb in this picture XDDD)

For the make up I have used at first the Cover Stick from Manhatten (1 naturelle)for my dark cyrcles around my eyes and than the second skin foundation from MaXfactor (040 Creamy Ivory). At last there came the Soft Compact Powder from Manhatten (0 transparent) to get that pale look, I really like. ^.~ (and I noticed I need a new lip balm XDD)

For the eyemake up I have used at first a dark brown eyeshadow (mine was from the smokey eyes set from Essence: 02 punk vibe). I took a little bit under the eyelashes below, from the back untill the middel of the eye.

I hope, you can see it here. Why I used the dark brown at first and not the bronze, is because the bronze is not easy to cover again. For the bronze I have used Essence eyeshadow (35 party all night metallic effect). Ireally love the eyeshadow from essence because it covers so well and especially the metallic ones are awsome... For fotoshoots they give a very great look.

At least a little bit eyeliner ( I prefer Manhatten ones) and mascara (mine is the XXL pro volume from Mabelline Jade but I'm disappointed about that, the white stuff is like glue and I don't like to use it <.<)... So and now the main photos: ^.~ BTW the point on my arm is because I donate plasma... i just did not want to cover it because I'm also a little bit proud of it (especially because I don't fall unconscious anymore during the donation XDDD).

AAAAANNND my Minimiiiiii XDDD:

so enough picture spam ^.~